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The Age Old Carpet Debate: Wool or Synthetic?

Wool or Synthetic Carpets? For years consumers have battled with the choice between a natural wool carpet, or the technological wonder of synthetic products. It’s important to acknowledge that people will always have their own opinions about this topic. Some love the soft feel and colour hardiness of most synthetics, while some will always support […]

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Floored with success on a national level

Emma Gaunt and Tony Hartigan, owner/operators of Matamata Flooring Design were delighted to be awarded both the Excellence in Advertising and the Franchisee of the Year awards at the recent national Flooring Design awards evening recently held in Napier. When Tony Hartigan and Emma Gaunt opened their Flooring Design franchise around eighteen months ago, it […]

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Which Underlay is best

Not all underlays (also known as Carpet Cushion) are equal.  There are a lot of cheap underlays in the market place but the imported ones are generally inferior both in quality and enviromentally.  A lot of these underlays contain chemicals such as formaldehyde. Make sure you choose an underlay that has the correct certification. Dunlop underlay […]

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Godfrey Hirst flooring sale

Godfrey Hirst Flooring Sale May- June 2017

Godfrey Hirst May June sale The Epic Godfrey Hirst flooring sale is finally here! Come into any Flooring Design stores and lookout for the Godfrey Hirst Flooring Sale, between 1st May and 30th June. This amazing sale features a range of savings from our Godfrey Hirst Flooring and Feltex Carpets. Even better, if you purchase […]

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Carpet Stains removal

Protecting Your Carpet

Carpet stains removal capablilities are an important aspect when considering which carpet to purchase.  Most of the carpets purchased nowadays come with much better stain protection than they had 15 years ago. The best stain resistance comes with Solution dyed nylon carpets and Triexta carpets.  These are readily available from Flooring Design stores.  For the […]

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