Carpet Care

Tips and tricks for carpet care

Regular Vacuuming

Dirt and grit wears carpet like sandpaper. Thorough, regular vacuuming will remove dirt and extend the life of your carpet.

Reducing Dirt Buildup

Relocate your furniture regularly to allow for even distribution of wear in heavy traffic areas. Use scraper mats at all doorway entrances to keep dirt outside.

Clean Spills Immediately

Almost anything will stain or discolour your carpet if left unattended. All spills should be cleaned up immediately. See our easy removal guide for action required on all types of stains.

Additional Information

  • Professional vacuuming is advised for larger spills as it prevents stains from drying into carpet fibre.
  • Advise professional cleaners not to use water hotter than 55ยบ C.
  • Some stains may require additional professional cleaning to totally remove discolouration.
  • Certain stains may require a dry powder or liquid remover to complete a total lift-off of stains.

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