Protecting Your Carpet

Carpet Stain Removal

The capabilities of carpet and removal of stains are an important aspect when considering which carpet to purchase. Most of the carpets purchased nowadays come with much better stain protection than they had 15 years ago. The best stain resistance comes with Solution dyed nylon carpets and Triexta carpets. These are readily available from our Flooring Design stores. For the best advice on how to remove stains visit our stain removal guide.

Godfrey Hirst Carpets are the largest manufacturer of carpets in New Zealand and the 7th largest in the world. They also own the Feltex brand of carpets. These carpets are made to a very high quality and are backed by Godfrey Hirst’s commitment to honouring the consumer guarantees act. Carpets including solution dyed nylon and triexta (Similar to Rhino carpet but made in Australia instead of the USA) are readily available from stores such as Flooring Design and are often on special. Check our Specials page to see what is currently being promoted. Other fibres such as wool are treated for stain resistance. Wool, being a natural fibre is popular for its environmental qualities. A naturally renewable resource that is treated to avoid permanent stains is popular particularly among the farming communities. It is naturally warm and has a wide variety of colourways.

Imported Carpets

Imported carpets are generally of the solution dyed nylon or solution dyed polypropylene types. These often come from out of Europe although an increasing amount is coming from Australia such as the Studio Collection. Check out their dealer site to see where these are available. All have exceptional stain resistant qualities.

Before using the recommended method of carpet stains removal, you should always try the suggested method on a small piece of the same carpet, perhaps a mat or a piece left over from the installation. This will ensure you are not going to ruin a carpet that may actually be a different fibre than you think.

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