Wool or Synthetic

The Age Old Carpet Debate

Wool or Synthetic Carpets?

For years consumers have battled with the choice between a natural wool carpet, or the technological wonder of synthetic products. It’s important to acknowledge that people will always have their own opinions about this topic. Some love the soft feel and colour hardiness of most synthetics, while some will always support the ‘homegrown’ idea of our 100% NZ wool carpets. Being comfortable with your choice of fibre is as important as choosing the right colours for your home!

Synthetic Carpets

There are many reasons why people might prefer synthetic. The most common thing anyone can expect to think when feeling a sample of most synthetic carpets is “Wow! I didn’t think it would be this soft!” In fact, I still remember the first time I heard of ‘Solution Dyed Nylon’ carpet. All I could imagine was the feel of a nylon fishing line – how could that be a good carpet fibre?! Synthetic fibres also have greater strength and can hold their shape for many years.

Truth is, the technology is completely different. You can liken it to the differece between making a cotton ball and a t-shirt.

In fact, the technology used to create Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) has allowed the product to be incredibly resistant to staining and fade. Generally speaking, most new home owners looking to ‘spruce up’ their homes don’t want to have to go through it again in 5 years time. Colour fade is a real issue for those with a North facing homes due to our harsh sun. However, the colour fast technology in SDNs rejects sun fade, keeping the same colour picked 15 years ago!

100% Wool Carpets

In today’s world it is increasingly important to consider the eco-friendly nature of the products we purchase. We love to buy things that are natural and guilt-free, especially biodegradable goods. However, these aren’t the only two prerequisites for an eco-friendly product. To be sustainable, the resources used in making a product need to renew themselves in a person’s lifetime.

Here's where our range of 100% NZ wool carpets comes in! Check out the video to see the journey from NZ sheep to NZ floors!

The incredible thing about 100% wool carpets, is (contrary to common misconception) they’re actually a great option for allergy sufferers! Wool is a permeable fibre, meaning they'll filter and absorb toxins that may cause irritation! Check out this webpage for some excellent information about the properties of wool and how it keeps your home healthy.

A Compromise?

The idea of a sustainable carpet with renewable resources is great though. Solution Dyed Nylons are soft and stain resistant. So wool or synthetic carpet – how to choose between them? A fact is that it depends on priorities. If you have a 2 year old who loves to jump around in mud, smoosh playdough into whatever they can, and just generally drop food, everywhere. Then, the sensible choice is a SDN carpet where stains can be cleaned with a bit of warm water and a damp cloth – even bleach to clean stains off it and keep the original colour!

However, if you love the idea of having natural products on my floor… then a perfect compromise for this situation may be the Triexta fibre carpet range. Triexta fibre is made from natural corn sugar and includes the same stain and fade resistance that SDNs tend to have! Furthermore, the Triexta fibre is hydrophobic – liquids slip right off and don’t absorb into the carpet. Triexta fibre is also incredibly soft to touch, just like the SDN carpets.

So How To Choose?

Everybody has their own personal preference for fibre type. You could even go into 3 different Flooring Design stores and have 3 different recommendations from the local owners. There is no right answer – only what your gut tells you. However, having all the information of the product is essential to making your choice. It seems easy enough to read a quick blog post and feel informed, but everybody’s situation calls for different fibre types in their carpet. Do you have pets? Do you entertain guests often? How many children are in the home? What are the age of those children?

The best way to make a good decision is to use our professional consultants. They'll ask you the right questions and make suggestions based on what they think your needs are, so come in to your local store and ask away, we are here to help.

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