Wattle Bay

Godfrey Hirst


6 Colours Available                                                                    


Wattle Bay is a 70oz 100% Solution Dyed Nylon synthetic fibre that is fade resistant, tough and durable. SDN carpets provide the ultimate in carpet quality, colourfastness, stain protection, performance and are the true all-rounder. The polymers that make up these carpets are coloured using only the very best quality colour pigments available. The SDN fibres are then processed into high quality yarns suitable for tufting into carpet. This means the colour is locked into the molecular structure of the yarn fibres prior to the manufacture of the carpet. With correct maintenance, it will look as impressive in years to come as the day it was laid. For this reason, they are a popular choice for families.


Carpet style: Cut Pile Twist
Fibre Type: Nylon
Width: 3.66 metres
Carpet Protection: SDN Fade Resistant
Stain Resistance: Stainblock

Available Colours

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