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9 Colours Available                                                                    


Vermont is an affordable synthetic fibre Polyester carpet with a soft and lustrous texture. Polyester carpets offer a velvet like handle with a reputation for softness and flexibility in both colour and design. The inherently bulkier yarns can offer heavy, soft textured carpets that feel cosy and luxurious underfoot. Cost-effective due to the lower cost of raw materials and production, polyester carpets are a very affordable option. This fibre type is best suited to low traffic areas within a home as it is not as resilient as some other more expensive fibres. We recommend you choose Polyester carpets with a higher pile and medium-high density to ensure maximum appearance retention and longer wear. Made from closed-cell fibres, Polyester carpets do not have any open dye sites for stains to adhere to, making them highly stain resistant.


Carpet Style: Cut Pile Twist
Fibre Type: Polyester
Stain Resistance: Polyester Stain Protection

Available Colours

SKU: vermont TAGS: Cut Pile Twist, Solution Dyed Polyester

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