From duck egg to sage green

Colour in the kitchen

The current trend of bold, earthy, and pastel colours in Kiwi kitchens, when paired with the timeless elegance of timber flooring, creates spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Whether you are renovating or designing a new kitchen, embracing these trends can transform your kitchen into a stylish, warm, and inviting heart of the home. With careful consideration of colour balance, undertones, and accessories, you can achieve a harmonious design that reflects the natural beauty of New Zealand and your personal style.

The Rise of Bold and Beautiful Colours

Gone are the days when neutral tones dominated kitchen design. Today’s trends are all about embracing bold, vibrant colours that make a statement while maintaining a sense of sophistication and harmony.

1. Deep Blues and Greens: Rich, moody hues like navy blue and forest green are making waves in modern kitchens. These colours bring depth and a sense of calm to the space, creating an inviting atmosphere. When paired with lighter flooring, such as oak or ash, the contrast is striking and stylish.  

Oak Elegance – Rustic Oak | Aaria DS – Topaz

2. Earthy Terracottas and Rusts: Inspired by nature, earthy tones like terracotta, rust, and burnt orange are becoming popular choices. These warm colours evoke a rustic charm and blend seamlessly with flooring, especially those with reddish undertones like cherry or walnut.

Vega – Dune

3. Soft Pastels: While bold colours are on the rise, soft pastels remain a favourite for those seeking a more subtle approach. Pastel shades like blush pink, mint green, and sky blue bring a light, airy feel to the kitchen. When combined with the natural grain of timber flooring, these colours create a serene and elegant look. 

Villa – White Sand
Below are 3 of our products at varying price points to help you achieve these looks.
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Timbertop 190

With a combination of cutting-edge technology and age-old techniques, each tree is transformed into a beautiful, engineered hardwood floor.

Product type

Luxury Vinyl Plank


Vega is the perfect choice for homeowners wanting a beautiful timber look in all areas of their home. The exquisite colour range provides endless options for a variety of interiors, with a warm timber finish to complement styles from conservative to eclectic.

Godfrey Hirst - Tempo - Chestnut Oak
Product type

Sheet Vinyl


Tempo sets a new benchmark in natural look Heterogeneous Vinyl floors for commercial and residential projects.

We aim to bring the best quality flooring products to Kiwis and be NZ’s most trustworthy flooring service.

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